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Vision Vision

Waha started back in 2012 with the intention to create a temporary society that is based on sharing and trust, basic and humble human values that are the foundation of a healthy community. Time passing, our goal became clearer with the experience and the results that we’ve gathered over the years…


We create a playground in nature where you feel everything is possible, an environment positive for letting go and just be. There is no phone signal to distract you, no stress to reach you, no bird that sings out of tune. Looking at the world of today, it becomes clear that we need this connection to nature and thus ourselves to remember who we really are, get an overview of our lives and act upon it. The more people get closer to themselves, the closer is the change we want to see in the world.


Music, ever since ancient times, has been a vehicle for people to access higher realms of consciousness. The repetitive frequency of the shaman’s drum, the ritualic trance dance, these are few instruments we still use to transcend reality. At Waha, we offer a wide variety of music spred over 5 stages to make this trip easy for everyone, independent of the musical taste. The Dance is the universal language with which we communicate and erase all differences between us, it’s our prayer that we raise for a happier world, the harmonious movement with which we shape the air around us in full enjoyment of Life, our peaceful pattern shaping the New World.


What we create together, each and every one of us in our own special way, is an energetic space that is filled with our piece of information, it’s the inspirational space to which we are all connected and where we all participate. The synchronicities, the mysterious happenings, they are all parts of this conscious place that we raise through our awareness, a timeless infinite experience of the Now. This is our seed for the present future.


Wahaland creates the community of people who have been there to experience IT, new friendships occur when all you see is friends, individuals who deeply share the same Love and Openness consciously co-creating a sunny wonderland where everything is possible. It is the sense of community that gives you the extra push of confidence in realizing you can individually and collectively have an impact on the environment. The global family is actually big, and now you experience it.


Being in nature, one gets to experience an even involuntary change of habits concerning waste management and garbage disposal. We are giving each participant a portable ashtray and a garbage bag at the gate to make everyone conscious of their cigarette butts and personal waste to avoid unnecessary littering on our beautiful location. We expect to find each year the place as wild and clean as we found it the first time, every piece of garbage is spoiling that core feeling of purity and creates a distance between us and nature. NATURE IS BEST ENJOYED CLEAN. We are all guests on this location, there are cows grazing the full warm season so we don’t want them to eat our garbage, please be aware of your personal garbage footprint. Recycling is also part of our Green Goal, trying to leave the minimum waste on this planet. Our dream is to have a sustainable and eco-friendly festival, and everyone is responsible to make it happen. PLEASE THROW YOUR GARBAGE SELECTIVELY. Thank You!

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