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We propose to celebrate this 10th anniversary in a way you don't expect. In this regard, we can tell you right away that this edition's theme is FUSION. Let your imagination run naked, as we have already done it and it felt so good. We are going to play a bit with the line-ups, the stages and the styles in a way you'll see yourself going out of the stone age. We owe ourselves and our psychedelic minds to break borders and create new experiences that really expand our consciousness, for real and forever. Bring your dearest and your truest to co-create the bestest, deepest and most unforgettable Waha ever, like it would be the latest.
15 - 20 August 2024

WAHA 10th Edition
Second Wave Artists

Alec & Emma Blenche / Alex Purje / Andrea Ferlin / Andrei Ciubuc / The Apricots / Atriohm / Audiosyntax / Aumni / Basska / Balkan Taksim / Brad / Brojanowski / Bruno Schmidt / Cap / Capra Vecinului Live / Chlorys / Dan Andrei / Dannilov / Dj Fart In The Club / Dragoș Ilici / Edward / Egon's Embrace / Elektroengel / Elowinz / Funky Misfits / Gaudi / Gojnea 76 / Ion Ludwig Live / James Monro / Jangaramongara / Junki Inoue / Kanibal / Katsuya Sano / Kliment / Kozo / Kyle Toole / Lueder / Maayan Nidam / Manglus & Vale Volpe / Mano / Marco Shuttle / Melina Serser / Mera / Miss I / Nathalia / Nervasystem / Noise Gust / Nopame / Octaplex / Once Upon A Time / Oracol / Pandam Dance / Pat Le Mandragore / Paul Agripa / Pepe's Bodega / Philoso / Pneumatix / Prâslea / Prometheus / Raku / Razvan si Artan / Rhadoo / R.O.A / Sectio Aurea / Suciu / Superuser / Trans Humantza / Unai Trotti / Vera / Virtual Picnic / Younger Brother By Benji Vaughan / Yudhisthira / Zum
& More to come...



This year's theme is Fusion. Dance music has also fused styles and erased borders in order to have a common ground, a global eclectic experience. This is what we feel we are creating, so this stage is a smooth experiment in this direction. You can expect a mix of Techno, House, Electro, Breakbeat, Detroit and Minimal.
This is the stage that keeps our connection to the live music roots, the warm instrument sounds that fuse with the landscape to create an unique musical experience that unites harmonies from Jazz, Hip Hop, Balkan and Indie.





This is the space dedicated to the chiller side of music, an interesting mix of Ambient, Experimental, Downtempo and Electronica specially curated for a deep trip under the stars.
This stage is the trippy mothership, the spark that ignited Waha and gave it the psychedelic spin that we now recognize at all stages. A harmonious mix of Psytrance, Psyprog, Darkprog, Psytech, Tek, Psycore, Forest and Darkpsy is what you can expect to make your feet dance and your mind expand.





This area is the newest addition to Waha, a community space that blends art exhibitions with performance, live jam sessions and few dance sets to complete the multilayered experience of the festival. This year let your imagination and senses run wild! Everybody's invited to participate and co-create.