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General Access Rules

While Waha Festival is all ages inclusive, tickets can only be purchased by participants over 18 years old. Access to the festival is granted for any participant only with the presentation of a valid ticket and a legal identity document. It is important that the name on the ID matches the one on the ticket in order to be granted access.

Festival access and participation in Waha Festival is granted to minors only accompanied by a parent throughout their stay.

Minors under 14 have free access only accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket. Also, a legal document must be presented at festival gates (birth certificate, passport) confirming the age of the minor and guardianship.

Grandparents over 60 years old have free access.

Minors aged 14-18 have access to the festival only with a valid access ticket and accompanied by a parent with a valid access ticket.

Safety Disclaimer

As a participant in the Waha Festival you commit to respecting the current legislation of Romania and declare that you will not introduce any type of illegal substances prohibited by the Romanian law, weapons, ammunition, or pyrotechnic materials into the premises of the festival.

At the same time, you agree to exhibit decent behavior (non-violent verbally and physically), to respect cleanliness and waste storage rules, as well as fire prevention rules. Setting a fire in a space other than those specially designated and signaled for this purpose is strictly prohibited - we are in the heart of the forest, and any unattended fire can have drastic consequences for us and nature.

Tickets Information


During your festival stay do not by any means lose your festival wristband. It is your ticket and proof that you are allowed to participate in the festival. People found on festival grounds without a wristband will be asked to pay again the value of a ticket!

By purchasing the Festival Access Ticket, each participant undertakes to respect all the Waha Festival Regulations. Violation of any regulation presented in this hereby Rulebook entails exclusion from the festival.

The festival organizers reserve the right to modify this Rulebook and undertake to inform participants of the Regulation in its updated form by posting it in writing on the website.

The organizers of Waha Festival reserve the right to refuse access to the space designated for the event and to impose leaving this space, without refunding the ticket price, to persons who do not respect the rules described in this Rulebook (or have not reached the age of 18 and nor are they accompanied by a parent).


In the event of committing offenses of a contravention or criminal nature according to Romanian law, you are entirely responsible for your actions, and the organizers of the cultural event Waha Festival disclaim responsibility for non-conforming behaviors.

Conditions for a Harmonious Participation

For those of you who have not participated in an outdoor event that spans over multiple days, as well as for those with previous experience, these are the small acts of good faith and common sense that we all need to follow, so that both us and Mother Nature remain clean, loving, and in peace from the beginning until the end of the festival. We offer free camping in a wonderful shaded forest, so please appreciate this opportunity and make every effort not to leave a trace when the festival ends.

Be prepared with suitable camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, trash bags, flashlights, etc.) and be mindful of where you pitch your tent. Camping outside the areas designated by the festival organizers is strictly prohibited.

All cosmetic and hygiene products you use must be organic and/or biodegradable in order to minimize the impact on the ecosystem where we will conduct our activities.

All participants have the obligation to respect the physical and mental integrity of others.

Campfires are strictly prohibited outside the designated areas.

Access with dogs is allowed only if they are kept on a leash, thus abiding the Romanian laws regulating the presence of pets in public spaces. However, we recommend leaving your dog at home, as Wahaland is an environment with too many stimuli for them, and unpleasant incidents may occur.

As we allow access in the festival with food, water & soft drinks, please make sure to throw absolutely every piece of trash into the designated bins for each type of waste. Most of the waste generated at the festival is collected for recycling, but we count on your total help to succeed.

Make sure you have enough cash with you, as the festival takes place in an area without GSM signal or WiFi, and the functionality of POS systems does not exist.


Access by car is allowed only in the specially designated Parking Area.

When parking your car, please position the front of the vehicle perpendicular to the road and the back to the forest. This is a rule imposed by the Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

Private cars do not have access on the festival grounds, only in the specially designated parking areas. Any vehicle found within the festival area will be towed out according to ISU (Emergency Situations Inspectorate) rules.

Camper Van access is allowed only in the specially designated and signaled area. Please bear in mind that the Waha Festival does not offer water and electricity connections

When to arrive and leave the festival area

Festival opening gates: Thursday at 10:00 am. Access to the festival area is NOT ALLOWED before this time.

Festival closing gates: Tuesday at 7:00 pm. All participants must leave the festival area by this time.

Last Stage Closing: Tuesday morning around 10:00 am. Please rest, especially if you are driving a car at your departure.

Festival closing gates: Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

Top-up points closing: Tuesday at 12:00 pm. After this time, you will no longer be able to get a refund for the amount of money you have left on your festival bracelet.

Photo/video agreement.

By purchasing a ticket and participating in the festival, you agree to appear in any photo or video materials as well as with the publication of such material.

Waha Kids Area

Children must be supervised at all times by at least one of the parents.

Our team is responsible for organizing the activities taking place in this space, not for babysitting.

The Waha Festival team cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur during the use of these facilities.

You should consider that this is a music festival consisting of 24-hour sound and intense lights.

Please make sure that the little ones benefit from adequate protection against loud sounds, especially if you know they are sensitive (sound blocking headphones).

Come with an open heart and mind, with confidence and love, and let's create a fairy tale together that our children will never forget. The organizers wish you to have fun wisely, to fill yourself with energy, and to be at peace!