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How to get to Wahaland

The safest and most environmentally friendly way to come and leave the Waha Festival is the infamous Wahabus.

To ensure a stress-free return trip from Waha Festival, instead of driving your car, we advise you to secure your journey with the Wahabus. Departing from Bucharest city center, Cluj-Napoca and Iași it will safely take you straight to Wahaland. At the end of the festival, the Wahabus will transform itself into a magic carpet that will fly you back, letting you decompress while returning to society. We kindly recommend this way of transportation as being the smartest choice for the last day party enthusiasts, not having to sacrifice anyone's fun to leave the location.

Wahabus Tickets are available in our shop.

Wahabus Routes & Schedule

Bucharest - Wahaland - Bucharest

Bucharest departure from Hotel Horoscop, 2 Bd Dimitrie Cantemir

50 seats x 2 buses: ⇨ Departure 15.08 / 10AM | ⇦ Return 20.08 / 11AM

50 seats x 1 bus ⇨ Departure 15.08 / 2PM | ⇦ Return 20.08 / 12PM

Cluj - Wahaland - Cluj

Departure from OMV gas station, 48 Calea Turzii, Cluj-Napoca

20 seats x 1 bus ⇨ Departure 15.08 / 10AM | ⇦ Return 20.08 / 12PM

Iași - Wahaland - Iași

Departure from Kaufland, 86M Sos. Pacurari, Iași

20 seats x 1 bus ⇨ Departure 15.08 / 10AM | ⇦ Return 20.08 / 12PM

Please find Wahaland coordinates below and use either one of the two Apps to get to us.

***Once you arrive at Waha Festival’s designated Parking Area, please park your vehicle by positioning it with the front facing the road.

The safest way to travel by train from Bucharest to Waha Festival is to board a train bound for Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna. Upon arrival transfer to a bus heading to Bătănii Mari, stopping on the way at Murgo Restaurant (you need to ask the bus driver to make the stop).