Vlad Caia live (Amphia | Romania)

VladCaia is a complete artist that began his career when he was a teenager. Starting with simple grooves, after years of documentation and experience, in 2007 he gets to release his first creation under the label Next Dimension Music. His career ascended continuously ever since, so in 2009 his productions were already launched under the Cocoon label.

After 2011, his attention focused towards the development of his own unique style, passing the limits of the standard electronic music and approaching a new sound synthesis, fact that can be easily observed in the releases under his label, Amphia, founded together with Cristi Cons.

Labels: Fabric Records, Supernature, Pluie/Noir, Darkroom Dubs, All Inn Records, Horizontal, Gilesku Records, ShahrFarang
Remixed by: Raresh, Josh Wink, Deetron, Fumiya Tanaka,
His musical influences start from jazzy rhythms, experimental glitches, through classical orchestral arrangements to intense and tight grooves, while still keeping the variations and versatility that define his style.