Shops / Stalls Application

Waha Festival 10-14 of August 2023, Romania

DEADLINE 10th of March 2023

Please enter a brief description of your market Stall. This will be used in the selection process and for online promotion. Average number of meals you can provide per day.
Make a rough estimate of the amount of waste water in liters, food waste in kg, plastic, aluminium and glass in bags.
Please list here all appliances used in your stall - indicating the wattage used. List one appliance per line and list appliance name and wattage of appliance - eg "light - 250watts". Additional space behind the serving and preparing area * Describe space you need for personal use (storage, fridge, car/van). Define size in FRONT x DEPTH meters. (ex. van+storage 7x4 m)

About your company

Please include the following: - registered business no. (CUI & J, etc..) - Legal Certificate to operate your commercial activity - stall photos - photos of the items to sell

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