Woos have been playing all over Denmark since his first booking, and is a well know dj artist at the danish elektronic music partys and festivals. The first years he mainly played Dark Psychedelic trance, it was his big passion, and also to make Dark psychedelic partys in co. with ex. Parvati Records in Denmark for release partys like the party and release “No strings attached” back in 2008. But like all things changes, Woos began to play more Progressive trance dj sets. He got the crowds attention, and become more bookings for his progressive project. Still he is making the dark side of his project, with djs sets in dark and more lighter psychedelic trance. Slowly we see Woos dj more and more psychedelic dance music.

Woos is also knowen in Europe, where he played to Sonica 10 years celebration in Italy, Indian Spirit 2010, 2014 & 2017, UFO Bufo Festival, Tree of Life Festvival, Back To nature Festival, Psychedelic Circus 2016, Tree of life festival, We are 1 Festival. Tropic, and some partys in Spain, Sweeden and Norway.

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