“Music brings people together!” and when a lot of people get together in one place they create energy, from the stage there is energy coming as well, in shape of sounds, Musicians are like Shamans, they take you through an initiation journey with their music, with the help of the magic sounds and of the positive vibrations. Music heals! And what kind of music heals better than the sound of Roots reggae?!
The day of 23rd of December 1984 sent to Earth a Spirit, that should gather under the same roof, souls from all over the Universe, that believe in “one love” and “unity”. In 2009, things started to make sense in this direction so, Alina Toma identified herself with RastahFairy and received as a present, her first vinyl and the advice to take music more serious : that means that she should be the one that plays the music for the public, the one that sends the message through the Roots sound that comes out of the speakers. Because of the full support she had from all friends and people directly involved in organizing music events in Romania, shortly, the vibe and the energy that RastahFairy sends were reached by as many people as possible.
Projects as Radio Groove ON, Secret City, ReBirth Festival, One Love Ro Festival, Reggae pon di Hills, One day Reggae Fest and Radio Republika Verde gave the artist the chance to make herself heard in different places.
Because we all grow up and we want to make our message get there, where it should, sometimes life takes us to a melodic guitar with smooth echoes and shows us a name: Hol’a medz Dubplate-Riddim is the voice of Jah! Listening to the voice of Jah, Cristi Chelsoi (guitar) and Alina Toma (samples) would like to make this voice heard even in the most far places and see all People smiling and embracing the Awakening to Love and Unity through Music!

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