In the world of minimal house, very few have the credentials of RaduBogdanCilinca. Best known as Rhadoo, his reputation has been built on his carefully considered approach to the genre, which he’s helped to define over the past decade.

Rhadoo’s skills as a selector are incontestable. The mix’s transitions are flawless, and the interplay between the tracks is often just as interesting as the source material itself. Every selection is of the highest quality, with virtually no weak moments.

Of the Romanian [a:rpia:r] it seems Rhadoo takes the idea of aliases most seriously, going from Adsum to Nea Marin or Colorhadoo just to name a few. The sound of each moniker is distinct, perhaps testament to the effort that goes into differentiating them.

Labels: [a:rpia:r], Amphia, NervMusic, Baracca Music, Cadenza Records, Dilated Records, Ruere Records

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