Nathan Oye

Most creative souls find many different ways to express themselves, and this is no truer than of the modern musician. Operating out of Brussels/Berlin with a dizzying list of projects and ventures to his name, Nathan Øye is one such individual who satisfies his artistic appetite by keeping very busy indeed.

Born and raised in the Belgian capital, Øye has long been an active figure in the city’s electronic music scene, and his lifetime devotion to the beat manifests itself in a string of notable performances, commissions and releases that complement his years of promotion and organization.

In order to satisfy his appreciation of smaller club nights, Øye has also started Echoes_ as a label showcase-focused which allows collectives of DJs and live acts to express themselves amongst likeminded company. The focus at these events is on hypnotic minimal techno & house in a reflection of the style Øye prefers to employ as a DJ.

Recently relocated to Berlin to focus more on his music production, he just released his debut EP on his own Echoes_ imprint.

Øye also works as a solo producer on projects not bound by the demands of a night club dancefloor, having been approached to compose music for contemporary dance performances to be used in video clips as well as on stage. It has provided the ideal platform for him to express his more experimental tendencies while drawing on his experience in the deepest corners of modern techno.

From jamming to composing, DJing to promoting, it’s hard to keep up with the many strings to Nathan Øye’s bow. It’s easier to trust in the quality of the work he is involved with, however he is entertaining you on any given occasion.

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