Pleiadians is Etnica’s legendary side-project – loved and acclaimed by legions of fans and friends worldwide since the 1990’s. Heavily imbued with an appreciation of deep space and recurring allusions to sci-fi, the exquisitely unique Pleiadians sound is permeated with a majestic craftsmanship sonically designed for the dancefloor and the mind. Their 3 albums – all modern classics: Identified Flying Object (debut album from 1996 – a psytrance masterpiece: symphonic behemoth of a myriad layers – mesmerizing and unsurpassed to date) and Family Of Light (sophomore album from 1999 which includes the 17-minute monster Modulation specifically conceived for the ’98 eclipse in Venezuela), as well as 2006’s Seven Sisters which is still to date a contemporary favourite evoking old-school melodies yet sheathed into modern production standards.

Their long career spawned a string of successful singles and compilation tracks, starting from 1995’s ep on Symbiosis Records. Pleiadians’ charm lies in the grand complexity of their arrangements, the masterful melodies and sonic minutiae that pepper and constellate each of their works. Family Of Light still rests atop a vast number of connoisseurs’ lists as an undisputed favourite, firmly placed amidst the pantheon of the most beloved and appreciated classics in electronic music..

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Alpha Draco: Live edition by Pleiadians</a></iframe>