Marcus Henriksson musical signature; Musical vibrations that brings forth the inner journey. Painting landscapes and images for the dancer and listener to travel within. Journeys not bound by styles. Authentic electronic dance music connected to nature, with loving intentions to ignite the spirit within.

Marcus Henriksson is also known as Minilogue and Son Kite. He has released 6 albums and over 80 vinyl singles and toured the world with since 1999. He has done many musical collaborations during the years; with artists such as Karl Axel Bissler, System 7, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert and many more. Marcus started his musical career as a dj 1993. It was the year he fell in love with the Rave culture.

Nature, meditation, yoga, shamanism, and his 24+ years experience in the dance music scene makes him a unique artist and legend in the modern music scene.

Today Marcus is touring the world under his own name. Expressing music in all kinds of ways as live artist and dj. Creating musical journeys not bound by styles or trends but with loving intention to inspire and ignite the spirit within. At Waha he will do a Son Kite set at the Psy Stage and a Minilogue set at the Alternative Stage.

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