The kind of dj that gets the music industry.

He’s got a music taste trained in time, that’s the kind of feeling you get out of every set he does. Quite versatile, he’s going back and forth between deep, tech and the likes, to the more jazzy and afro house joints. His second project, Duro Disco, takes him round the funk and disco spectre. The nice one.

Self taught, this one’s always there to get the public, though imposing the rythm with a fine selection of music.

He’s pretty much gonna make you dance, either he’s warming up for the likes of Mark Farina or Moodyman, or making you wonder what musical background does he come from with his main sets. He ll make your feet move with the quattro team that he does with Pif, Narcis & TBF as Romania’s underground > AWD House.

Always tonic musicwise, he’s assuming the role of the entartainer, not the one who’s taking you on the backroads of house music.

Kosta’s surprising everytime.

He’s a pro since 2002, yet playing in public since ’97.

Active as a promoter, for more than a decade in Bucharest, he’s also got into production with his brother, Chemars. First Ep is out on Ginkgo Music.

These last years, House music in Romania has started being well promoted through some of his&friends series of parties.
Hector Moralez, Phil Weeks, Miss Mee, Q Burns Abstract Message, Chris Simmonds, Wally Callerio, Craig Hamilton, Mark Farina, Gramphonedzie, JT Donaldson to name a few..

As well as dj ing for bars, clubs, terraces or festivals, he’s involved with fashion shows, movies and commercials, as well as quite a lot of private events.

A regular at Control Club, Waha Festival and the infamous Sunwaves, he s active within the 2 projects: AWD House and Duro Disco.

Probably one of the least trend followers you’ve heard mixing, Kosta’s all about what the party is about, what he gets out of it.
Classics, b sides and the occasional hip hop tunes are all about his flavour.

However.. this one’s a must listen to.

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