Hubble likes to consider his works as tools and not necessarily created to be officially released.
With his floating space out sound and hypnotic works, he has fronted a number of parties, afterparties and events all around the world.

We can’t assign to him a specific genre or style, that’s why he appeared on his career in different locations with very different stories and vibes from Club der Visionäre to Berghain in Berlin, from Concrete Paris to Contact in Tokyo, from Arma17 Moscow to Picnic Electronique Montreal, to the very intimate sardinian spots, expressing his versatile attitude to music.

In 2010 he releases his first album “Forget me not” for the canadian label Archipel Musique and in the same year he started his collaboration with the Berlin based collective and label Sleep Is Commercial.

He’s appearing and curating events and projects where ambient, experimental jazz and electronic music are there to create the perfect soundscape for a space out trip. As you can also catch from his records and long sessions.

He’s spent the last years touring some of the most forward-thinking underground spots and festivals including Rural in Japan, Ctm in Berlin, Sunwaves and Waha in Romania, Save and Signal in Moscow. Co-curator of the ambient stage at Chill Out festival in Istanbul (2017).

In 2016 he started his own label called DOMV followed by many remix and new collaborations for international and mostly underground labels.

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