Dubtil’s allure is growing to be something of a main attraction, although he is a very discreet artist. His DJ sets are long awaited and his releases expose an artist with considerable studio skills.

Robert by his real name is a gifted DJ and producer, being noticed from the beginning of his career as half of the NoiDoi project developed with Barac. Active as usual, Dubtil continues to play and create quality underground music with seriousness and devotion.
He released in 2013 his first EP as a solo artist – Oarecum EP at Metereze record label, followed by an EP at Understand and another one for Amphia, all wearing his already well-known personal trademark. Playful and meticulous, his music is reflecting a huge talent and his impressive technique, skills that he constantly wants to push further.

  • Labels: Metereze, Understand, Amphia, BP Mind Series,
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