Cezar Lazăr is a name that has been known in the Romanian electronic music scene for more than a decade now. With a very fresh outlook on the world around him, especially when it comes to the music industry – his cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic, the bond between new and old.

Pragmatic and traditional, he hasn’t missed the opportunity to develop his musical background with a sound engineering course, piano and harmony lessons. Even so, Cezar considers the moment he started following the electronic movement, a trigger for his own music education

Having a key role within the Romanian distribution company, agency and community, ourown.ro, Cezar also runs the Understand label with Praslea and Kozo, on which he has also released his own productions. His tracks reflect his signature sound, taking time to evolve into soundscapes that expand outside the familiar borders.

Labels: Understand, Amphia, Moon Harbour Recordings,

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