Coming from Brasov, a Transylvanian city surrounded by mountains and wild bears, Marian Ioan, under the DJ name Brad (meaning fir tree) is a true rhythm mixer who is bringing fairy tales to our ears.

He was first introduced to clubs and mixing from the age of 10 by his brother, a DJ himself from whom he appropriated his first skills. About 6 years later he had already discovered techno music and its sub-genres and started mixing in unconventional parties with the Dj’s Techno Conference label in Brasov. Around the year 2005, he became resident at a local club, followed by a residency in a lounge-bar, in both “playing” with all types of music but with a clear quest to master better his skills. He shifted completely in 2009 diving into psychedelic music for a journey of discovery that lasted 5 years, until his comeback to the first love: techno.

After his exploration of diverse frequencies he managed to create a unique style, a blend of minimal and organic spaces, peaceful rhythms and warm harmonies that raise the collective consciousness.
Keep your ears and heart open!

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