Today Botond is one of the last pillars of progressive psytrance in Hungary. While many of the local artists and DJs turned towards faster and more psychedelic music his heart is still beating at 138 beats per minute.

His DJ career begun in the millennium and only a year later did he fall in love with psytrance music. This was the time when progressive psytrance started to rule the morning hours of parties. This was the time when a very strong relationship with this music style has been formed.

Nowadays he is a regular performer on Hungary’s psytrance parties and festivals. Furthermore every year he has opportunities to show his idea of trance in different countries.

His undiminished love and enthusiasm towards slower, but powerful beats and melodies that take the listener to an euphoric state of mind usually grants him times slots in the morning and daytime hours. Welcoming the 1st rays of sunrise behind the decks is the most pleasing experience for his musician self.

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