Ascent is Psy/Progressive project made by Bojan Stojiljkovic from Serbia. Music has always played a big part of his life, as from a young age he performed as a Keyboard player in many Rock & Blues Bands, until one moment he discovers a big love & Passion for electronic trance music. After couple of years of Dj’ing and producing, Ascent Project is born.

After successful debut album released in 2013 “Secret Place” on Ovnimoon Records, Ascent was approached by several labels like Iono Music, Phoenix Groove, etc, where very soon he started releasing many tracks.

After amazing feedback for debut album, Ascent continues and on 2014 is releasing his second album called “Nature Creations”, gaining him instant global recognition and securing him performances at many festivals and parties all around the Earth.

At the begining of 2016, Ascent Joins BMSS Records family and continues his work there in full power.

Ascent had many collaborations with artists such as E-Mantra, Ovnimoon, Elegy, Merlin, E-Mov, Maitika, Shogan, Helber Gun, Liquid Sound, Dual Resonance, Lupin, Norma Project, Argus, Moon Tripper, Nature and many others.

Ascent sound can be described as atmospheric psychedelic trance, driven by unique melodies, emotional harmonies and ethno vocals.

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