Ankur has been trying to mix sets of either psychedelic trance or hip hop on pitch less music players in the 90’s at teenager parties long before he had his first hair on his balls. Growing up with very liberal and supportive parents he had the typical stoner teenage years, going to raves and concerts having his first perception altering and dance experiences.

Growing up on dance floors he melted his first sugar cube on his tongue just before his 18th birthday which put the fundament to his creative carrier.

Traveling the world from the day he left high school with the mission of being a DJ he realised early that he had to make his own music to make his plan reality. From early tries of making senseless dj tools he developed a deep love to creating electronic music and become ever so addicted to sound, electronics, voltages and everything else surrounding the field. Over the years of countless ego and reality shattering experiences visiting countless festivals and parties within most of the planet as both a guest and an artist he developed an understanding of the dynamic of a dancing crowd and the influence of blips and beeps to the human mind.

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