Petre Inspirescu (arpiar | Romania)

Record by record, PetreInspirescu established himself as a musician with one ear for delicate subtleties brought out by his creative side and another for stirring grooves and rhythms illustrated by his mixing skills.

His musical output is nothing less than panoramic: elegantly maneuvering from restrained minimal to hard-hitting house and techno. If you take a look at Petre’s discography, you’ll notice how precious his releases are, developing his own musical universe while adding a pinch of classical avant-garde to the contemporary electronic music.

His distinctive vision determined him to get involved in the creation of the renowned label [a:rpia:r] as well as YojikConcon for his experimental project πEnsemble and to release statement records for mule musiq, Amphia& even a Fabric mix (no.68). You know as soon as you see him in the DJ booth that in the next few hours you’ll be blown away.


Labels: [ a:rpia:r ], Cadenza, Lick my Deck, Pluie/Noir, Amphia, Mule Musiq, Vinylclub, YojikConcon


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