Olga Korol (Body Parts | Ukraine)

Olga Korol: producer, co-owner of BodyParts records and resident in ODY arts collective is coming to WAHA. From an early age Olga Korol has had a distinct connection and curiosity with music, in particular with musical patterns and their intricate melodic properties.

Olga takes the listener on a journey through the unknown with her characterized sound full of rich atmospheres, refined beats and intense groove. As the rest of the world awakens to the new waves coming out of Eastern Europe, you can be assured that Olga Korol is leading up at the front.

At ARMA17 Olga experienced the complete immersion of performing at the next level, playing before a packed house and knowledgeable crowd. Each event would become uniquely special and help shape her sounds and ambition to a new height.

Labels: BodyParts