Therapies – every day 10 – 18 by appointment

  • Reconnective Healing with Laura Filimon
  • Didgeridoo Massage 1 on 1 with Tricksodus Da Muv
  • Coaching with Ioana & Edgar
  • Sound Bath with Tibetan singing bowls with Sound Cookie
  • Shamanic rainbow frequency therapy with Flavia-Isabela Cioceanu


While you are in the Healing Zone, you can relax and have a chilled private Reconnective Healing session with one of the Practitioners that will be attaining the festival.

The Reconnective healing represents your chance to obtain an accelerated evolution of your being.So we invite you to Take the Leap. Be the Change. Make your decisions from Love.Benefits of Reactive HealingHeals all levels: mind, body and spirit

  • Acts on the energy field and on the DNA
  • Provides a deep relaxation state
  • Restores the natural balance of the body
  • Revitalizes the body, mind and spirit
  • Maintains a high vibrational level

HATHA YOGA- with Aigül Keosep

Blending breathing, movement, postures & meditation, a hatha yoga class is an invitation to your inner journey.

During a hatha yoga session self-awareness is enhanced, by higher receptivity and increased focus; inner strength is built and one can experience a more aligned & harmonized feeling of consciousness.

Aigül brings daily the yoga philosophy in her life. Born & raised between 2 contrasting cultures (East & West), she merged those influences into an enlarged, flexible perspective on existence.

Her interests blend ancestor’s wisdom, rituals with latest findings in neurosciences. As an extensive traveler, Aigül connects & discovers cultures directly, building her unique understanding on humanity.


“My classes awaken and strengthen the entire body, focus on breath, develop concentration and bring a sense of ease in order to connect body, mind and soul.

Challenging, detoxifying and rejuvenating poses will make you feel stronger, lighter and closer to who you are. My intention in teaching at Waha is to bring unity and presence into our inner selves and to connect with each other.”

My mantra: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius*

Didgeridoo Group Sound Healing + Individual Sessions with Tricksodus Da Muv

Brian aka TRICKSODUS DA MUV is experimenting since 2014 the musical and therapeutic possibilities of his instrument which he is so fascinated about, often organizing and featuring in jams, concerts, festivals and guided meditation sessions.

Didgerido Soundhealing: Group meditation with atmospheric sounds combined with didgeridoo vibrations and mioritic flute. The whole idea is the connection of Wahapian people through the Universe and Mother Earth.

Benefits: – Facilitates the release of energetic and emotional stagnation. – Clearing and balancing of chakras


A therapeutic method that aims to restore balance in the family system.

It reveals a fundamental truth somehow forgotten: that we belong to the family in which we were born, extended family, that we are part of a nation and that our life is closely linked to that of our ancestors.

Therefore, sometimes when something goes wrong in our personal and professional lives is due to trouble in our family, in which we are unconsciously caught. Through Family Constellations, a method of working collaboratively, we can adjust these energy entanglements on an emotional level and free ourselves of them to live life fully and to follow our own destiny.

Dragos Riti: his first connection with complementary therapies had it now for over 30 years. First contact was with acupressure and reflexology. “Family constellations are a way to discover the fundamental forces and the bonds were held and transmitted across generations.” (Bertold Ulsamer)

AshtangaVinyasa Flow– with RituRai

Shabaritha Rai is originally from India and she has engaged into the amazing journey of yoga since she was 12: This helped me to connect my mind with my body, to be fit but also to relax the mind and made me realise its major role in psychology and philosophy. Yoga is part of my life now and I am glad that I can offer knowledge about it in Romania.

You will find her at the Luminish Area where she is going to teach combined sessions of yoga and meditation: We are going to combine yoga and meditation to get to know our real power inside ourselves, chant mantras to awaken the spirit and its frequency. In order to relax and work on our breathing, we will use Pranayama, the breathing exercise to unlock the blocked energy channels in our body and to relax our mind but we will also practice meditation to connect to the universal consciousness.

INVITATION TO FEELING- with Cristina State

Cristina State specializes in Art Therapy and she will join Waha-Luminish to make you unleash your inner child, throughout special group sessions which will focus on activities such as: dancing, music and painting.

It is a workshop specially designed for relaxation and self-knowledge. What mind doesn’t understand, the body can!

GROUP COACHING WORKSHOP + Individual Sessions-  with Edgar & Ioana

What can be more fulfilling than helping others realize what they really wish for?

Edgar and Ioana, both coaches and actors, invite you to a group workshop session that will focus on finding out what people really want through questions such as: What do you love about the things you have in your life right now? What would you change? What advice would you give to yourself? The main purpose is to make the participants go beyond their analytical thinking and dive into their subconscious mind. It is also a way of making people feel in tune with their inner- self and to realize what are the steps they need to take in order to fulfill what they really wish for.

After the group workshop, the ones that are interested can schedule an individual coaching session.

ÎnCERC- Improvisation Workshop through rythm, circle singing and dance –  with Petra Acker & Anamaria Guguian

Petra Acker comes with an exercise called Circle Singing. This type of exercise uses improvisation through songs and sounds to explore the possibilities of our own voice while experimenting with harmonies and rhythm alongside with other voices.

Anamaria Guguian challenges you to authentic movement. Through body awareness exercises, breathing and movement improvisation we could be more relaxed and comfortable with our own bodies. We will play and give a chance to spontaneity to get to know ourselves better.

Trance Dance Ritual – Shamanic Dance with Carmen Iorgulescu

Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being.

As one of the most well known contemporary shamanic rituals, Trance Dance will set the fire for the Luminish sacred space opening night. Carmen Iorgulescu, Trance Dance Accredited Facilitator will hold the space for healing and spiritual evolution. Bring your own bandana in order to be fully engaged in your journey.

Sound healing and deep meditation with Tibetan singing bowls – Group and Individual Sessions-  with SoundCookie

The singing of a Tibetan bowl is a remarkably powerful and long-lasting hum which soothes and invigorates at the same time. The purpose of the workshop is to create the perfect state of relaxation, deep meditation and healing by engulfing the listener into a bath of sound.

One will be able to reach effortlessly a state of lucid dreaming where the body seems to melt into the surroundings and the mind is free to roam and observe, detached from everything. A sound bath therapy feels like a breath of air when suffocating, it is such an intense and holistic journey that is best understood by experiencing it.

Shine Bright – with  ANDREEA RUSU

Do you wonder what can make you feel strong, happy and beaming with energy everyday? Let’s explore together the wonders of what is food for us, how to live a life of improved wellbeing. With topics like food combinations, alkaline- acid foods, deparasitation, different diets.

My name is Andreea and I have been following a vegan ( 50% raw 50%cooked) diet for the last 6 years and I like exploring life on earth beyond what I am “traditionally” suppose to be doing.

Contact Improvisation Dance Jam with Oana Baluta

Contact improvisation is a free form of conscious movement, focused on body’s relation with the surrounding, with partner/s’ weight exchange and with the space between the moving bodies. After being in contact dancing, one is more alive, more aware and more authentic in relationship with oneself and others.

We first explore unfolding layers of the body as a continuous experiment of knowing and not knowing. As we feel more our kinesphere, we begin the interplay of gravity, inertia and momentum. We listen to each other. Musicians could join too, as we improvise one after another like the moon and the sea.

Oana – FEELer – will open the space for jamming with her kinesthetic vision as conscious and free movement explorer.

LyRa Shamanism – Transdimensional Shamanic Journeying + Individual Sessions- with Flavia-Isabela Cioceanu

Flavia-Isabela Cioceanu brings to you holistic shamanic practices facilitated by the LyRa portal, which offers access to other dimensions and layers of our being, different than the ones we are accustomed to.

LyRa uses the power of sound, through voice and drum, to bring people in a healing space which acts on the etheric and emotional bodies, according to the needs of each individual.

We will go on shamanic journeys together, visiting fantastic lands and creatures, and we will also sing together as part of healing sound circles.



  • 17:30 Trance Dance Ritual – Shamanic Dance with Carmen Iorgulescu
  • 21:00 Drum and Fire Opening Ceremony


  • 9:00 AshtangaVinyasa Flow with Ritu Rai
  • 11:00 Family Constellations with Dragos Riti
  • 14:30 ÎnCERC- Improvisation Workshop through rhythm, circle singing and dance with Petra Acker & Anamaria Guguian
  • 17:00 Didgeridoo Group Sound Healing with Tricksodus Da Muv
  • 18:30 AshtangaVinyasa Flow with Ritu Rai
  • 20:30 Trance Dance Ritual – Shamanic Dance with Carmen Iorgulescu


  • 9:00 Vinyasa Yoga with Barbara Cottavoz
  • 11:30 Group Coaching with Ioana & Edgar
  • 14:00 Shine Bright with Andreea Rusu
  • 16:00 Sound healing and deep meditation with Tibetan singing bowls with Sound Cookie
  • 17:30 Contact Improvisation Dance Jam with Oana Baluta
  • 19:30 Shamanic Journey – The Land of the Rainbow with Flavia-Isabela Cioceanu


  • 9:00 Hatha Yoga with Aigül
  • 11:00 Family Constellations with Dragos Riti
  • 14:30 Shamanic Sound Circle – Voice training with Flavia-Isabela Cioceanu
  • 16:30 Invitation to Feeling – Fairy Tale and Color with Cristina State
  • 18:30 AshtangaVinyasa Flow with Ritu Rai