Lumieux (Romania)

Part of the fresh Romanian talents, Lumieux started to explore his curiosity for music since he was just a teenager, at the age of 16. The dynamics found in his mixes are a clear indication of a DJ who knows the fundamental role of dancing as part of the ritual, while remaining unpredictable and triggering deep feelings & memories through the selected records.

Young and promising, Lumieux’s productions are packed with bold basslines and driving synths, expressing the strong personality and broad imagination of their creator. After years of hard work and commitment, his production made waves in the industry, and very soon after that he released for labels such as Dissonant, Purple Inc. , Trapped London and Subtil Rec.

Labels: Gingko Music, Subtil Records, Purple Inc., Dissonant, Why So Series, Trapped Ldn, My First Love Records, Body Parts, Tzinah Records