Karsten Pflum (Hymen Records, Mindwaves-Music / DK) Live

KarstenPflum is a Danish producer of electronic music. He has been releasing  music since 2002 on various labels such as Worm Interface (UK), Rump Recordings(Denmark), Hymen, Ad Noiseam and Mindwaves (Germany).

Pflum has a very eclectic discography spanning over ten years, with music that varies widely in approach and execution, exploring and stretching the boundaries and possibilities of electronica. Heavy bass driven IDM, tight cool electro, frantic jungle and beautiful abstract ambient, combining extreme ambiences with hard funky complex rhythm programming and treatment.

With eight albums and a bunch of EPs and remixes in his baggage, his tunes have been air-played on a diverse number of radio programs, among these BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs’ the Breezeblock, Carl Hyde of The Underworld, Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations, and by the deceased BBC DJ legend John Peel. Since 2014 Pflum has started performing all night sleep concerts, where the audience sleep or rest in comfortable beds, and absorb the ambient and drone soundscapes created live all through the night. In 2017 Karsten released his first live album, which is in fact a recording from a sleep concert performed in Denmark. The album is nearly nine hours long, and works aa perfect abstract soundtrack for the dreamer.

Selected Discography

  • Albums
  • “Sleep Concert” – Hymen Records, 2017
  • “Dode”, CD/12″ – Hymen Records, 2015
  • “Sleepwald”, CD – Hymen Records, 2013
  • “No Noia My Love”, CD – Hymen Records, 2011
  • “Slaphead Faun”, CD – Mindwaves Music, 2010
  • ”Idhax”, CD/12″ – Rump Recordings, 2006
  • ”Flugten Fra År 2000”, CD – Jenka Music, 2005
  • ”Tracks”, CD – Worm Interface Recordings, 2003
  • 7”s & 12”s
  • “BOXER”, 7″ – Hellowien Creativity, 2013
  • “Nemo Loon”, 12″ – Ad Noiseam, 2010
  • “Fuck Music, Easy”, 12″ – Suburban Trash, 2007
  • “God/Fly”, 7″ – Rump Recordings, 2006
  • “KarstenPflum vs. Puzzleweasel” 12″ – Jenka Music, 2005