Hubble live (Sleep Is Commercial | Italy)

The Berlin-based artist Hubble, originary from Italy, delivers a subtle, refined and deep groove all throughout his discography. His floating spaced out hypnotic signature sound makes his live set one of the most appreciated performances of today’s underground techno scene. He will play Hubble live at the Deep Stage and EEBB live, the downtempo trippy project in collaboration with Pheek.

He’s been present at events all around the world, from Club der Visionäre to Berghain in Berlin, from Concrete Paris to club Contact Tokyo, from Arma17 Moscow to Picnic Electronique Montreal or Sunwaves, expressing his versatile attitude when it comes to music.

After 9 years of music production, in 2016 he started his own label called DOMV, followed by many remixes and new collaborations for international labels.

Labels: Signorafranca, Moulton, Sleep is Commercial, Haknam, Not So Secret Diary, Archipel, DOMV, Apotek Studio

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