Gols (Belgium)

Gols was born and raised in Aalst, a city famous for its Unesco World Heritage Carnival. His love for music grew intense by discovering the Kozzmozz parties in Ghent. The solid grooves of Mr C, Eddie Richards, Mr G, Nathan Coles and many other artists, lead him to where he is today.

Around the year 2000, he started collecting vinyl and with a little help from his father, bought his first mixer. Through his passion for music, love for vinyl and unwavering dedication to the craft, he was able to retrieve some residencies in clubs and parties in his home base.

In 2008 he started producing his own tracks with his friend Tom Dazing. Through these experiences and with a lot of studio time, steady bouncing releases were put together and new inspirations rose. By visiting parties abroad, he discovered new sounds by artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Audio Werner, Arpiar and many more…

In 2012, he joined the Sweet Trade crew and got an opportunity to share his music at Belgian’s finest clubs. After a while he decided to take a step back from his sweet trade family and take the time to reflect on his music.

Recently he moved to Ghent, where he is building a studio and expanding his vast vinyl collection even more, to perfect his sound. Dedicated, driven and focused, he has a passion for making music with integrity and soul. His inspirations are drawn from his experiences and continuous influences from old house, trance, minimal and techno.

Above all, Gols likes to have a good time on the dancefloor as much as he likes to give the dancefloor a good time