Emi (Contur | Romania)

Smooth and soulful, Emi ∫‘s track selection balances perfectly between a beautiful dubby vibe and a refined, dancefloor oriented microhouse touch. His journeys float elegantly, while fuzzed-out vocal samples, mild synths and vast basslines maintain diversity throughout his sets.

Emi’s signature style in the production he delivers, be it original or edits, has rocked the dance floor and got noticed through his very harmonic sound design. His aliases go from Emi Nescu to Visullucid, but he’s keen to discover a different alter ego when working with close friends from the crowd, such as Suciu under Ritmico alias or with Dan Andrei under the Future Future Sounds moniker.

His label Contur has accustomed the audience with high quality releases, all four records so far launched containing some of Emi’s finest works.

Labels: Contur, Catren

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