Dr. Gonzo (SunMoon / RO)

The sound is vibration, vibration is energy, energy is us”. His music is for the world, therapy and meditation. The roots of his passion are from his childhood, when he firt meet electronic music of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean michelleJare, Vangelis. “Years pass, the music changes from period to period, and this also, changes me. I travel through stiles like folk, Rock, Disco, Electro, Drum and Bass styles, Minimal, Techno, Psychedelic Rock.” “In 2007 I meet psy music and along with this I discover Psy trance and Dark psy and the program called Traktor.

I was irredeemably captured. At first was just a kid play and bloomed into something more. The things were getting serious in 2008, with just mixing psy trance and darkpsy for friends, and in 2009, the evolution emerged towards psy chill, downbeat, IDM, ambient.

My music tells stories, it is a vibrant reminder of old teachings. It is a journey in a world of sounds, a world in which the story follows its course from the beginning to the end.