Dj Vasile (Zona Libera / RO)

Dj Vasile can praise himself with a career of more than 25 years in the music area and throughout his eclectic style, his preoccupation with the fusion of the musical genres and the sarscasm of the message, he is definitely one of the most influent figures of the electronic musical scene in Romania. His Dj career started in the 1st year after the revolution when he also started his radio activity on the 1st of January 1990.

The title of his radio show was called 19 forever and was broadcasted on 26th of January 1990. His projects mixed in 1992 when he started his activity on Radio Nova, and in 1998 he launched on PROFM Zona Libera, which proved in time to be one of the most classic radio shows broadcasted in Romania. In 2004 he started his collaboration with Radio Guerilla and moved Zona Libera there, where for almost 10 years, up until 2013, when the radio was banned, Zona Libera was broadcasted on a weekly basis.

His radio activity permanently mixed with his performer abilities and his work as a Dj reflects a natural ability to make people dance, a thing which brought him a crowd of fans in Romanian clubs and in other countries as well. An artist lives as long as he continuously reinvents himself and Dj Vasile is one of the most provocative and eclectic Djs because of his musical evolution starting from Alternative Rock, Punk, New Wave up to techno, drum & base, dub, dubstep.