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Dickster (Nano Reccords | UK) / Special 3h set

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Dick Trevor started making music while at college doing sound engineering. He and Matt Coldrick teamed up and had a go at making a trance track which TIP bought straight away, from then on they became the Green Nuns Of The Revolution. They made tracks for most of the english labels then and various compilations, releasing one album on Flying Rhino.

After a couple of years making music together they teamed up with keyboard player Neil Cowley who was then playing with the Brand New Heavies and he started to put more funk into the music. They did many gigs around the world with live guitar and keyboards and sometimes an extra percussionist, going for the rock’n’roll performance. They even did a video for the Rock Bitch track which was broadcast at all the music channels at the time.

The Nuns went their separate ways in 98 and Dick started to produce music with many different people. Within the Flying Rhino stable the Bumbling Loons was formed with James Monro and Slinky Nuns/Seeka with George Barker. On Twisted records Dick did collaborations with Simon Posford as Infernal Machine and Tristan as Trickster. He also did a Western Rebel Alliance remix with Jules Evans (producer/fisherman) for the Shpongle Remix album. On Phantasm there were collaborations with Chris Boing as the Bisto Boys and John Ford as Mindfield/Bisto Boys and then more recently with John’s son Junya (Eskimo) as Jumanji of which an album came out on Nano Records. Dick also teamed up with Jon Om who used to run Aquatec Records and formed Green Oms, they released an album on Dragonfly. He has also joined forces with Jules Hamer from Aphid Moon and come up with AMD which has had releases on Alchemy and Nano, including an album.

Away from the trance scene Dick teamed up with Danny Howells and started Science Dept having successful releases on John Digweeds label Bedrock (Repercussion, Persuasion) and then on Renaissance Records (Breathe) which got into the UK top 60. They have also released Kinkyfunk on Deep Dish’s label Yoshitoshi in the US which was a big hit on the progressive scene. Then after that they followed it up with Dusk til Dawn which was a big hit in Ibiza in 2004 and even made it into the UK top 40 on C2 records. Since then they did a remix for Destiny’s Child for their single Soldier and even finished a remix for Madonna. Through Danny’s connections Dick got together with native Australian Andy Morris (Narcotic Thrust) and finished their first track under the name Phat Static.

Back on the trance scene dick has released his own tracks as Dickster on Twisted, Phantasm and TIP and has also got together with Anna Hefetz, a dj/producer from Israel – their first release was a remix of Mumbo Jumbo on Transient Records under the name Annarchy Rhythm vs Dickster. Dick and Anna (Annarchy) have also released on Nano Records and Liquid & Solid Records from Serbia and also another new project of theirs is with George Barker (Flying Rhino, Slinky Wizzard) which was more progressive trance, with their first release Eargate on Iboga Records’ Hibernation compilation, along with a collaboration with James Monro. There have also been other collaborations with Cosmosis, Pogo (Wingmakers), Burn In Noise (Circuit Breakers), Lucas (TIP). In between producing music Dick has managed to get going on the dj scene playing all around the globe since 98 but his main love is actually writing the music and there is plenty more to come![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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