Cleymoore (Pluie/Noir | Portugal)

Cleymoore is a Berlin-based audio-visual artist, born in Lisbon. With a steadily growing catalog of vinyl releases and upcoming EPs on his own imprints Pluie/Noir and Klangstudie, as well as other record labels he respects and admires, his career is moving towards a very promising future.

In between music making and graphic designing, he’s been actively DJ’ing around the globe performing in clubs & festivals such as CONCRETE, Rex, Air Tokyo, Club der Visionaere “official”, Closer, Waha Festival or PiknicÉlectronik Montréal, to name a few.

Father of the ever-growing artist collective and record label Pluie/Noir, an imprint focused on audio-visual collaborations under his artistic curation, Cleymoore has a very peculiar vision about music and how it should be experienced. Over the last 4 years Pluie/Noir released 70 audio-visual podcasts, 2 cassettes and 9 vinyl-only releases that showcase world-wide talents from young names such as VladCaia or Volkan Akin, to veterans by the likes of PetreInspirescu or Fumiya Tanaka.

Labels: Pluie/Noir, Klangstudie, Archipel, Xquisite, Rotate, Trapped Ldn,

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