BLN (Square Sound Records, Raumklang Music Records / RO) Live

Victor Popescu is the electronic music artist BLN (BrazdaluiNovac), his solo project he started in 1997. His latest and the third album is “Moldern”, while the second came out at Raumklang Music Records label (DE) in 2013. His works of the last two years are included on ‘Touched 2’ and ‘Touched 2 remixes’, along with Autechre, Orbital, FSOL, Plaid and Arovane.

Besides the art of his music, inward creative act that gain him a solid and educated fan base, since 12 years ago Victor works in his studio also as a sound designer for the advertising industry and cinema. He did the sound and post production for “NuntaMută” (“Silent Wedding”, 2008, directed by HorațiuMălăele) as well as for other movies.