Andrey Kharitonov (Anakronik | Romania)

AndreyKharitonov is a familiar name if you keep an eye on the Bucharest, Moscow, Odessa or Berlin underground scene. Raised in Chisinau, he later moved to Bucharest where he enchased his passion for music: for both creating it and playing it.

Andrey is also known for being one half of the Audiothèque duo, getting involved in this project with his friend Sorin at the end of year 2012. Their releases and style made a strong impression internationally, being packed with the right amount of playfulness and proper basslines.

Through the labels he created – Anakronik and Outofstock – he aims to reveal his vision and ideas of timeless music. We sense the start of a very promising musical streak from this artist.

Labels: Anakronik, Outofstock, BodyParts, CrazyJack, Pins and Needles, UVAR LTD