Ada Kaleh (AdaKalehRomania | Romania)

Ada Kaleh România has gained international appreciation with his sensitive yet powerful compositions, a deep exploration into techno and analog, where natural sounds and trippy frequencies combine, building a solid groovy continuum.

With a raw and minimalistic view, he compresses the tracks at 432 Hz unlike other producers. Iulian is into working with various layers of sounds, using field recordings with humans and nature, offering that familiarity you’re used to and the perfect space to explore as a listener and as an artist with both of his aliases: Ada Kaleh and AnemNesis.

Ada Kaleh is the founder of the homonymous record label, whose releases can be found exclusively on vinyl, delighting the audience with a discrete grammar of western harmonics and undisciplined paganism of repetition. He also released 12-inches for labels such as The Rabbit Hole Records, Subotnik, Third Wave Black and Uvar

Labels: Ada Kaleh Romania, Subotnik, The Rabbit Hole, Third Wave Black, UVAR