We invite you for our 9th edition of Waha Festival that will take place on our favorite hilltop in Covasna. During this long break, we realized what we all actually want to experience at a festival of this kind, and it’s the simple things that make us happy, the joy and togetherness we experience dancing in front of a good sound system that plays some good music, the connection that is created between people, the friendships and revelations we have after, thus the roots of rave, the roots of us dancing with no particular reason around the fire since immemorial times. Therefore we dedicate this edition to Roots, focusing to co-create a powerful experience through interconnection and grounding, absorbing and releasing in harmony with the whole.

As always, tickets will be discounted at the gate, starting from Saturday evening, August 12, at 18:00 – only 550 lei.

This is the most tutti frutti deal for latecomers, you get half the experience juice for just half the price.