Dear Wahans, thank you for your love, support and energy in these last 8 years. We have co-created a beautiful organism that spreads way over the limits of the location and the period of the festival, a state of mind and a feeling that were brought back home and in everyone’s lives. Our commitment towards delivering you a high quality experience hasn’t seen any compromises and we stood strong following our ideals. From this viewpoint, we decided that we have to take a one year break to restructure, reinvent and re-inspire.

We feel that we can do more by changing the way we do some things, so we need this break to get a proper overview. Being always on the run organizing the next edition doesn’t let you sometimes see the big picture and take necessary actions to improve. Starting from the Summer of Love feeling in 2012 with 850 people and getting to almost 7000 people nowadays, it took a lot of effort and hard work for a pretty small team, so our intention is to reshape and get prepared for the years to come.

Our dear location has been hosting our dancing feet for a long time, last edition’s rain and the mud it resulted left a war zone-looking place, so we feel a break would also be helpful to replenish the meadows for their grazing purpose.

We hope that this break will keep you close and will reassure you of our dedication and strive to create something unique and new that surpasses anything we have done so far. Waha is our life as much as it is yours, so we have to master it and shape it for a bright present and future.

See you soon! <3<3

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