As we reach the 7th edition, first of all we want to thank each one of you for participating these years in Waha, helping it grow strong and beautiful as it is. As mere facilitators with a clear intention, we share this playground where each one of you is a co-creator of the Now, who acts within this space of freedom and potential, shaping the reality we all want to live in, where everything is possible and happens in the magical way we all already know. This is the seed that we want to plant in the world, a seed of change and hope to build a healthy existence.

The mysterious forest, the smooth hillside, the trippy twilights, the starry nights, the cows, the shepherd, the happy people, the smiles and laughter,the bass, the dance, the love, these are few of the main forces that we all play with to create the Waha Experience. So let’s come together and celebrate these 5 days in the most fun and creative way possible !








Waha Art Contest

We want to involve you in Waha by designing your own version of this year’s logo. Each one of us has a different vision of the Waha experience and it would be nice to point them out through this contest. The best 5 designs will be printed on Waha T-shirts available on the festival grounds. The winners will also get 2 invitations and 2 T-shirts each.

What you have to do: go to our Contest Page, download the .pdf file with the contour of this year’s logo, go wild with it in the given guidelines and send it back to us by uploading the file on the same page in .pdf format.

Deadline: 15th of April

Winners will be announced on the 22nd of April.

Applications, Collaborations & other ..ations

Waha Festival¬†invites anyone wishing to take part in this year’s edition from volunteers to shops, workshops and installations.

We’ve tried to make this process as smooth as possible. You can find all the relevant application forms under the Collaborate menu.